Mindfulness-Based Meditation



The art of teaching meditation is the ability to point others toward their own inner wisdom. We cultivate awareness-based wisdom by our own practice and understanding of how to live in the present moment. The connection between the mind and the body is essential in developing deeper levels of clarity. This unique teacher-training program will include a detailed mindfulness based curriculum with asana practices to help you develop this depth of understanding.

Each class we will develop new skills, practices and tools to help you understanding the art of meditation. The practices and teachings will be rooted in the insight meditation tradition also known as Vipassana. This ancient Buddhist lineage focuses on body awareness meditation practices that develop awareness and cultivate wisdom and compassion. Every meeting we will introduce a new module and integrate it with the yogic practices, to help you grow as a teacher and a compassionate human being.

You will leave this training with a personal meditation practice, tools to teach mindfulness meditation and a class curriculum specifically tailored for communities of color. These tools will become the building blocks of deeper insight and knowledge that can be interwoven into every aspect of your life.