This program is a year-long, 200-hour Vinyasa training. Over this year, you will develop a strong personal practice of asana, meditation, and pranyama. Your knowledge of Yoga theory will deepen and you will integrate these theories into daily life. You will learn to teach classes that combine a consistent therapeutic vision with the inspired spontaneity that is the hallmark of Vinyasa Yoga. You will develop a thorough understanding of the elements of the therapeutic principles of Yoga and be able to design and teach an inspired and transformative class.

A typical Vinyasa Yoga class will move from simple to complex poses, from standing poses and balancing poses, to back-bends, inversions, and hip openers. The teacher and students take this simple formula and make it their own day by day. No two classes are ever alike yet the intention behind the class is always the same. The genius of Vinyasa Yoga is not found in its approach to alignment or sequencing, but rather in the rhythm with which alignment and sequencing unfold. Anchored in the unseen aspects of an asana class, Vinyasa Yoga is uniquely accommodating to the evolution of a teacher; allowing her to bring all that she has learned and all that she is into her classroom. The result is a class that is at once consistent and inspired.

A yoga class is a three dimensional story that unfolds to the rhythm of the breath, the present moment, and the body. Together we will explore the interplay of mind, body and spirit.